Representative Winger understands that increasing state support for pre ­ k ­ 12 education, especially in low­income families is an agenda item she has been fighting hard for in the 45th district. Representative Winger believes that citizens in the 45th district need local control of their education system. That starts by giving school boards the ability to modify overly burdensome unfunded mandates.

It is really sad that Illinois has been playing a game of roulette featuring zip codes. Representative Winger realizes that it is not only unfair to current children in struggling school systems, but to the children and future teachers who will lead our education system in the future. The focus of Illinois’ current education funding system is not what’s best for students – it’s who controls the flow and distribution of taxpayer money. Representative Winger has pledged to fight that backwards way of thinking for the education system here in the 45th district. Representative Winger is extremely proud of Bartlett, Elgin, Lake Park, Glenbard North, Fenton and Addison Trail High School for their commitment to the educational excellence in our district. Representative Winger will continue to make sure our schools have all the resources needed to succeed.