The Issues

Property Taxes

Illinois homeowners pay the second­highest property taxes in the nation. If we want more homeowners in Illinois, we need to address the root causes of high property taxes – too much bureaucracy and mandates that add costs to our communities. Empowering our communities will allow for better outcomes at the local level that will protect…

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Representative Winger understands that increasing state support for pre ­ k ­ 12 education, especially in low­income families is an agenda item she has been fighting hard for in the 45th district. Representative Winger believes that citizens in the 45th district need local control of their education system. That starts by giving school boards the…

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Term Limits

It’s time we break the cycle of corruption and restore integrity to the process. Structural reforms to our state and citizens of the 45th district will ensure that we have a government that earns the respect of the public. That starts with fair maps so all voices have a chance to be heard in both…

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